But my ideal birthday night is to make soup and watch a movie with my wife.   I am excited.    It is also a grey and cold day here – I am sure that is contributing to my low key feeling today.

I did want to give you all a belly update.    photo

This is it!!! I can’t believe we only have 5 weeks left.    Man . . . .  it is coming up.   We are doing everything we can to be ready when this little sprout is ready to come out.    I have heard two stories this week of people giving birth early – like 37 weeks – I think we need to be ready at any point now.


We are both so excited about this news.     Heather has been talking about saying our original vows while she holds the baby.   I am just teary.

Back from our Babymoon

March 29, 2009

There is a ridiculous amount of marketing to pregnant women. The stretch mark creams alone are overwhelming (and by all reports completely unuseful). Part of this marketing is that one should go on a “babymoon” before you have your baby. I personally think this is a great concept although totally commercialized. (I.e. I get emails about once a week about how I should pick out some “babymoon outfits” from particular stores.)

Well we went on our Babymoon to Chicago!!! While not a tropical vacation with mocktails it was really wonderful. We saw Heather’s grandmother and mother. Heather’s grandmother has been in poor health and it was good to see her doing so well. It was also good to share our excitement about this baby with both of them and to hear stories of their births and early times with their babies.   We both came back feeling refreshed and happy.    I can’t believe is it only a few short weeks until our baby arrives.

Back by popular demand

March 22, 2009

So, we have heard fro many of you that you want us to start blogging again. I have to say that I was surprised that anyone was interested in all those garden pictures last summer.

You probably notice that this blog is new and has a new name. Lauren thought that it was appropriate to retire the old blog, Prospect Brooklyn, since we will soon be moving away from our fair city and have many new things coming our way. I liked the old blog and thought it would be kind of nice to take the Brooklyn name with us. As you can see, I lost. We are pleased to introduce you to this wonderful new blog!

If you are reading this you know that there are a lot of changes coming our way and we have been busy preparing. Yet still there are soooo many things to do. And we add new projects all the time (“hey, don’t you think it would be nice to make baby shoes for all of the people in our birth class?” “Yes! What a great idea!”) So, we have a lot going on right now.

We bought and assembled a crib from Ikea several weeks ago and we bought and assembled a dresser from Ikea a couple of weekends after that. We are using the corner of our bedroom as the nursery, so there has been much shuffling of furniture, getting rid of things, disassembling and reassembling furniture, etc. Anyway, we found out earlier this week that Lauren’s coworker was going to give us a hand-me-down bassinet. Where are we going to put that? Of course we could have said no, but this is one of the round bassinets that is very expensive and looks cool, but we would never spend money on. So this morning, we picked it up, came home, took down the other crib and put up the new bassinet. I successfully stored the “old” crib under the bed in the guest room much to the chagrin of Hazel that cat who has solidly claimed that area as her own safe space. It took her a few hours to feel okay again after the disruption.

So, we are people who like projects. I was thinking the other day about all the things we have made or plan to make for Sprout and thought you might think it is funny too:
-quilt (in progress)
-dyed white onsies and t-shirts
-baby shoes
-short-sleeved pajamas
-long-sleeve flannel pajamas
-baby hats
-Lauren knitted a hat (and a matching one for me)
-flannel wipes
-portable changing pad
-changing pad covers
-crib skirt
-quilted bibs

And there are many other things we think we should endeavor everyday. We are excited.

We love all of you and are happy you are reading along with our adventures again!